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Guilds of Ravnica

Guilds of Ravnica will be
released on October 5th.

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Magic Cards?

Guilds of Ravnica Preorders have begun!

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Tournaments

Upcoming Special Events

Chaos Booster Draft

Return to Ravnica Block Booster Draft with Dragon's Maze, Gatecrash, and Return to Ravnica Packs

Modern Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Preliminary Qualifier Tournament

Learn to Play Magic at Open House!

Lord of the Rings Card Game 2018 Fellowship Event - The Woodland Realm

Miniatures Madness - Warhammer 40K Apocalypse - Late night gaming

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Tournaments

Guilds of Ravnica Booster Draft Weekend

Guilds of Ravnica Two-Headed Giant Team Tournament

Standard-format Magic Pro Tour Preliminary Qualifier

Modern Magic: the Gathering Tournament with $1000 in prizes

Legacy Magic: the Gathering Tournament

Store League Events

Legend of the Five Rings League

Warmachine & Hordes Journeyman League

Warmachine & Hordes Journeyman League

A 12-week Warhammer 40K Kill Team Organized Play Event

A 4-Week Sealed Magic League

Weekly Events

Board Games & Role-Playing

Dungeons & Dragons
Wednesdays [6 PM]
Legend of the Five Rings
Thursdays [6 PM]
Board Game Night
Fridays [7 PM]

Magic: the Gathering

Casual Commander
Mondays [6 PM]
Standard Showdown
Tuesdays [6 PM]
Booster Draft (Now Weekly!)
Wednesdays [6 PM]
Modern Tournament
Thursdays [6 PM]
Friday Night Magic
Fridays [6PM]
Casual Commander
Fridays [6 PM]

Miniatures & Wargaming

Warmachine & Hordes
Wednesdays [6 PM]
Warhammer 40K & Kill Team
Thursdays [6 PM]
Star Wars X-Wing
Thursdays [6PM]

Ongoing Event Series

Learn to Play Magic at Jupiter Games
Monthly Magic "Learn to Play" Event
Individual and group instruction. Welcome deck and Magic booster pack provided!
Learn to Play Magic the Gathering at Magic Open House free event with free promo card
Learn to Play Magic at Magic Open House
Individual and group instruction. Free Open Standard-format Play. Welcome deck and Promo Card Provided!

Upcoming Events:

September 23rd -
Guilds of Ravnica

January 2019 -
Ravnica Allegiance

Friday Night Paint & Dine
Friday Night
Paint & Dine Series

Socialize while you paint your miniatures. Great for beginners & experienced painters alike. Pizza provided. Organized by Jupiter Games.

Monthly Star Wars X-Wing Tournament
Star Wars: X-Wing Tournament Series

Game Night Kit prizes. Great for beginners & experienced players alike. Organized by Jupiter Games & the Southern Tier X-Wing Group.


2nd Quarter Events:

July 21st

September 15th

Store Championship Tournament

August 11th

Monthly Warhammer Casual / Narrative 40K Tournament
Warhammer 40K Casual Tournament Series

Monthly events that follow a new story line each quarter. Great for beginners & experienced players alike. Organized by Jupiter Games.


2nd Quarter Events:

Current Narrative:
The War for Koth

Chapter 1: Liberation of Koth
July 8th - 1850 pts

Chapter 2: Imperial Academy
August 12th - 1500/1250/1000 pts Attrition

Chapter 3: Critical Mass
September 9th - 1000 pts

Monthly Warhammer 40K Tournament with Ouroboros Studios
Warhammer 40K Competitive Tournament Series

Monthly events. Store Credit prizes. Competitive tournament, best for more experienced players. Organized by Ouroboros Studios.


2nd Quarter Events:

The Grind of Corpses
July 21th - 1750 pts

The Heat of Battle
August 18th - 1850 pts

Summer Slaughter
September 15th - 2000 pts

Monthly Warmachine & Hordes Tournament
Warmachine & Hordes Tournament Series

Monthly events. Great for beginners & experienced players alike. Organized by Binghamton Warmahordes.


2nd Quarter Events:

July 22nd-
75 Pt Steamroller

August 26th-
75 Pt Steamroller

September 23rd-
75 pt Steamroller


More About Jupiter Games

Jupiter Gamesiter Games Logo

Jupiter Games is the Southern Tier's Premier Friendly Local Game Store

We're a family-owned and locally-operated small business located in the heart of Johnson City, NY.

Retail Store

We have been serving the wonderful people of the Triple Cities for about ten years with a wide selection of board games, miniatures wargames, collectible card games, role-playing games, hobby supplies, and gaming accessories.

Our retail store is open seven days a week for your shopping convenience. Our business hours are listed below.

Event Center

Our spacious in-store event center, which seats 100+ players, features six dedicated miniatures wargaming tables, substantial in-store wargaming terrain and board game libraries, and ample table space for board games, role-playing sessions, and Magic: the Gathering open play. We host tournaments and other organized events in-store daily. We also have private gaming space available for a small fee.

Magic Cards

Jupiter Games buys and sells Magic: the Gathering cards both in-store and online. Our Magic singles inventory is accessible in-store via multiple Sales Kiosks located on our sales floor and in our event center. We process Magic singles orders quickly, allowing for same-day in-store pickup and fast, efficient home delivery. We ship Magic cards worldwide!

Special Programs

You may be able to save money on your new game! Our Preorder Program allows you to pre-purchase future releases at a discounted price, and our Special Order Program gives you a discount when you place a paid order for out-of-stock items. Ask our Sales Staff for more information!

Please contact us in advance to verify in-store buyer availability when trading collections, high-value cards, or if you're traveling a fair distance to sell cards.

Contact Jupiter Games

When contacting Jupiter Games about a Magic singles order,
please include your full name and the order id in your message.

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