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Tales of the Squire- Dark Ascension Launch

Ever since I have been writing this article people have all came up to me and asked what I was going to write about in the upcoming weeks and my answer to them is always a shrug and an “I don’t know.”  With this I have had plenty of suggestions of things I can write about but some of them are just not that great, while others are just plain weird. One of my friends suggested I write about Pants. That was his suggestion; nothing else was added to the suggestions, simply “Pants”. Needless to say, I have not written about pants, until now! Just kidding, I don’t even know how I could write a legitimate article about pants, so I just won’t.  Luckily this a few weekends ago at Dark Ascension release time I was given something to write about.  My friend Ed was kind enough to sponsor me in the sealed event at the lovely Jupiter Games and let’s just say that my sealed pool was pretty damn crazy.  To be perfectly honest my deck could have had a bit better of a curve, but still it did exactly what I needed it to do.  Continue reading Tales of the Squire- Dark Ascension Launch

The Flip Side – Back to the Grind

by Tim “Flip” Sussino


So life’s been a bit hectic lately. Unlike other grinders, I have work an average of 45 hour a week, on top of trying to play Magic to stay ahead in the Planeswalker Points race, somehow finding time for day-to-day life. When people talk about “grinding”, I’m sure most stick to talking about the great stories. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great stories to be sure, but it is a pretty taxing lifestyle that I’m sure many aren’t entirely prepared for. However, I digress from what I am truly here for.

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Tales of the Squire- Modern Gentlemen


by Dan Rae

Here are the facts people- Modern exists as a format and it actually does not suck, like a lot of people say.  Modern at the moment may not be the most played form at but it is still fairly new in the Magical world.  When Modern came out Wizards banned cards that they felt were going to be too good, and tried to avoid the possibility of the format just being all the best Standard decks.  In order to do that they banned cards like Bitterblossom, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, and Stoneforge Mystic.  These bannings may have been a bit premature, but hey, it happened. I don’t want to go into any of the bannings and such but I do want to talk about the deck I have been playing and want to know what all of you lovely people have been playing. I bet Ken Adams is running some sweet combo tech that no one can beat; I know I sure can’t handle his wind pants aggro.

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Tales of the Squire – What Innistrad May Bring to Legacy


As Innistrad spoilers are being added daily, people (myself included) are brewing up different decks in all formats.  I have been mainly focusing on Legacy as Standard is just not the format for me, and Modern is still too new to me.  So with all that said here are a few cards that I think can see play in Legacy and some possible uses. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – What Innistrad May Bring to Legacy