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Cook’s Kitchen: Moving On

Cook’s Kitchen: Moving On

I’m over Zombies in Standard.

As much as I enjoy playing creepy crawlers and am a huge fan of zombies in general, I’m just sick of that deck. I’ve been riding the zombie wave since Star City Games: Baltimore and in that time I’ve grown tired of the inconsistencies of the red and black dead creatures. I’ve always felt that twenty-four lands in an aggro deck is too many, but the weird part about Standard is it’s the norm. When you’re aiming to consistently drop five mana dragons, it requires more land. The problem with that is it makes the deck run out of steam more easily. It’s a deck that lives off of its draws; every land after five is essentially a dead card. Not a single card in the deck can utilize extra mana either.
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Tales of the Squire: Zombie Apocalypse


It is Commander week here at Jupiter Games Online and seeing as I am the only writer who doesn’t have a Commander deck (yet) , I cannot really talk about it and tell you how awesome it is and how to hurt your opponents. With that in mind, my brilliant editor came up with an idea for me. Recently some players have developed a new game mode for Commander which is known as Horde and uses plenty of fun zombie cards and zombie tokens. Here is the list that you build for the horde and then I’ll talk about how the format works and cover a couple of games which we played.

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