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The Cutting Room Floor: The Reserved List

“The Cutting Room Floor: The Reserved List”

One of Magic’s longest standing points of debate is that of the “Reserved List,” or a list of cards that Wizards has sealed in what is the equivalent of a logical ‘vault’ never to be reprinted in any form of any kind again. This list dates back to the game’s origins with cards from Alpha going all the way through Urza’s Destiny. The large part of the debate that has persisted over the years deals in large part to the rising value of Eternal Magic’s most prolific staples that continue to do nothing but rise in value as the years pass us by. I’d like to use this platform as a means to address some issues that a lot of folks have with the Reserved List, the yearning for its abolishment and the fallout as a result of the current pace of Eternal Magic’s condition. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: The Reserved List

Tales of the Squire – Top 5’s

Now a lot of people have cards they just love and cards they just hate with a burning passion.  I am in the same category as those people and I just wanted to let you lovely readers know what my top 5 favorite and most hated cards are. I hope some of you will post your top 5 loved or hated cards in the comments below. Let’s get right into this.

Continue reading Tales of the Squire – Top 5’s

Tales of the Squire – Looking into Dark Ascension

As most of you know, Dark Ascension is being spoiled daily and so far some cards have been pretty awesome and some other cards have not been that great, but that is what Magic is. If Wizards did not print bad cards, what else would I last pick in draft? I have been trying my best to keep up with the spoilers and try to give you folks something to read about and to learn about what cards I feel are going to be good and what cards aren’t.  So let us dive right in and talk about some cards. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – Looking into Dark Ascension

Tales of the Squire – Story Time

Hello kids, this week we are going to do something a little bit different. We are going to have story time, and I’ll tell you why. I know that when I read a tournament report, I don’t really need to know what happened on turn 3 when you cast Knight of the Reliquary and your opponent Dazed. I can read the title of your article or skim to the end to see that you took 2nd in a crushing defeat in the finals. Now I realize this is hypocritical because I have written tournament reports before doing exactly what I do not really care for, but oh well. I will probably continue to write tournament reports if I do well. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – Story Time