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Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report

Cook’s Kitchen -NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report

My weekend began early Friday morning when the boss said I could get out of work early! I waited throughout the barbeque lunch that the Marketing department was having. A co-worker made me something called a “Juicy Lucy” – a cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese on the inside along with diced jalapenos. By the time it was done cooking it was about the size of a softball, it by no means was a small burger. I channeled my former fat kid from my mid-teens and devoured that monstrosity. I knew after eating it that I wouldn’t be eating the rest of the day. Shortly after lunch ended, I left work, went home, packed for a bit, and then headed off to Jupiter! Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report