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Eli Kassis: Tie-Breakers, Predictive Tools, & the Power of Knowing, or How to Top 8

[Editor’s Note– This may not be the kind of article most people would browse through between rounds on MTGO or while watching TV.    That said, the information provided here may well improve your tournament finishes more than any other articles you read this year.  Though it may seem a little dense in the math dept., we feel the knowledge it contains is invaluable to players, and it is something that players ask about at every tournament.  In short: it pays to know this (literally).]

In case anyone reading is unfamiliar with who I am, my name is Eli Kassis. I have been playing competitive magic for over 18 years. I had the idea to write this article because I frequently find myself at events with players asking for tie-breaker advice the final round before the Top 8 the event. I also have encountered many misconceptions from players who happened to be my opponents which led them to erroneous conclusions which in turn negatively affected my options. Once I am across the table from them they tend to be a bit too skeptical of what I am saying to believe me, so why not get ahead of the curve, explain it all out here and then just show them the link with my smart phone at the next event to clear things up?  I thought it would help give perspective to the readers to start with a short true/false test to point out a lot of the misconceptions players have with regards to how this process works. Obviously your reading this article for your own benefit to learn so if you want to cheat and look at the answers below that’s your prerogative. In explained the answer to each question I am also including the information that I am trying to get across. Continue reading Eli Kassis: Tie-Breakers, Predictive Tools, & the Power of Knowing, or How to Top 8