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Tales of the Squire– October 15th NELCQ Tournament Report

by Dan Rae


Knock knock knock. A friend sees me sitting in my car in the WalMart parking lot and we start talking. He ends the conversation by asking if I want to go out tonight and see some old friends. I figured, “hey some non-magical fun can be nice so I can get my mind off my sideboard choices because I know I have picked All the best cards for the Jupiter metagame”.  I have a blast, and get home a lot later than I plan. I surely don’t regret going out though, sometimes as players we just need to get a break from the game and clear our minds.  I wake up too late and I’m scrambling to get dressed and out of the door to make it to Jupiter on time and get all the cards I need to finish out my deck, and I’m hoping Ryan McKinney can set me up with some nice Japanese cards.  The store is busy, and I figure I can find foreign stuff after the event.  I sort out of my deck real quick and start writing down my list and make sure I’m not missing any cards.  Don’t need any game loses for a stupid mistake. Continue reading Tales of the Squire– October 15th NELCQ Tournament Report