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Cook’s Kitchen: Delving Into Providence- SCG Standard Open Top 4 With UW Delver

A couple Thursday nights ago I went to the local gaming store for some Legacy. I’ve been playing a different deck every week and decided to play with T.E.S. to get some of the rust out. Unfortunately, not enough people showed up for an event. Which has been a trend due to warmer weather, in months prior the Syracuse events were anywhere between 15-24 people. I sent out a text message to a few people on opinions on my current Delver list below, I knew it was time to cut Feeling of Dread. It was good when I top 8’d in Baltimore but has been lacking recently. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen: Delving Into Providence- SCG Standard Open Top 4 With UW Delver

Tales of the Squire – The New Legacy Deck

Legacy is the kind of format that shifts in the meta from time to time but the decks primarily stay the same. Sure, a certain deck will get a new card like Dredge getting Faithless Looting and such. But overall the decks remain relatively the same or at least have the same idea behind them.  I have always been the type of player to love casting creatures and just attacking, but I needed to have interactions as well. I could never play Goblins because I would not enjoy it. I like decks like Maverick because you play awesome creatures but still have a lot of tricks. Well very recently I was browsing The Source and came upon a deck in the pimp thread. The guy posting, Chimera87, had a list that I immediately fell in love with. I messaged Chimera87 to ask some questions and with the answers in hand and some more discussion my deck was built. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – The New Legacy Deck

NELC Qualifier Report- Greg Komar (Top 4)

by Greg Komar

Hi all. My name is Greg Komar, I’m a student at SUNY Binghamton and I’ve become quite fond of hanging out and slinging cards at Jupiter Games. Up until Saturday, I’d never really done well at Jupiter NELC Qualifier event. Usually, I’d do okay, losing contention for top sixteen around round five or six.  Not what you might consider to be “good,” but I could have been doing a lot worse, too.  Saturday didn’t really feel any different. I was going on four hours of sleep, I showed up with my friends, Chris Scagnelli and Josh Mass, and figured I’d give my deck a try and at the least have a good time battling. I’d been testing my deck pretty frequently for weeks and I liked the U/R Delver deck a bunch. It’s a mix of the RUG Stifle/Delver decks that have been doing very, very well and the Doug McKay deck that Doug Top 8ed with at last month’s NELCQ. Continue reading NELC Qualifier Report- Greg Komar (Top 4)

The Flip Side- A Brief Delve Into Thresh

by Tim “Flip” Sussino


Legacy has always been a format that has been near and dear to me. I remember playing U/R Landstill (surprise surprise) at Grand Prix Philadelphia years ago starting off 6-0-2 Day One, only to fall flat on my face Day Two. It was an amazing format, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside as there was no real support for it at the time. I remember Lam Phan and Pat McGregor piloting Threshold to a Top 8 berth, and how fascinating that archetype was. Fast forward years later and we are in an era of a constantly evolving metagame due to the support of the SCG Circuit (and of course Jupiter Game’s own NELC). Unfortunately, that archetype hasn’t been well positioned lately, as I unfortunately discovered at Grand Prix Columbus last year when I tried to revisit it. Counterbalance was huge during that time, and was Thresh’s natural predator, as its high ratio of low CMC cards made it fall into collateral damage territory. Fast forward a year later. Mental Misstep’s dominance over Legacy has finally come to an end, allowing combo to begin to rise again. Threshold has always had a great match-up against control and combo variants (Counterbalance aside). Continue reading The Flip Side- A Brief Delve Into Thresh