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Cook’s Kitchen – Preparing for Baltimore

The hotel has been booked. I can feel the excitement growing within me for this upcoming weekend. There’s something about traveling to events that just makes me anxious. I love going to different places, always have, it’s probably from moving a lot as a kid – let’s blame it on that. While traveling to Grand Prix: Indianapolis was fun, my car didn’t really get to experience Indy as we should have. Our hotel was about 5 miles outside and we ate both nights at the restaurant literally ten feet away from our hotel. Experiencing places is always fun and interesting. While this upcoming trip to Baltimore may not be a “new” place for me, it’s certainly a place I’m unfamiliar with. I’ve been there once at the beginning of last summer with the same three guys I’m traveling down with again.  This trip is going to be better than the last for one simple reason – there won’t be any Mental Misstep. Well… at least in Legacy. No promises for Standard. I’ve been playing UW Delver since I wrote about it here. Some of the lists may have incorporated Misstep, I’m not too proud of it, but the one I’m playing this upcoming weekend doesn’t! Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Preparing for Baltimore