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Cook’s Kitchen – Updating Storm

I’ve played The E.P.I.C Storm or T.E.S (pronounced by the letters, it’s not said like test without a second t) in three large events at Jupiter Games over the last three months. In fact, T.E.S. is the only deck I play in large Legacy events. Playing the same deck every event has benefits, but it also has downsides. I’m extremely skilled with the deck, I know it in and out and can find ways out of scenarios where others would have conceded.  On the downside, every round my opponent sits down knowing that they’re looking for a way to stop ten storm. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Updating Storm

Cook’s Kitchen- Storming into Indianapolis

by Bryant Cook

Last week I briefly mentioned the banning of Mental Misstep and how I was excited to play Storm Combo again. Well some other people shared the same excitement heading into Star City Games: Open Series Indianapolis. In the Legacy Open throughout the day there were a handful of Storm feature matches that were very interesting, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

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