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The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove

“The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove”

Blue certainly gets its share of grief from players who despise the color because of its power in Legacy. While Force of Will and Brainstorm are certainly two of the pillars that define the format, let’s not forget there are plenty of other cards, even obscure ones, that when carefully crafted can create a truly frightening concoction. I always like to go big or go home, and that’s exactly what I’m doing today…with blue cards! But we’re not going any conventional route in the sense of traditional blue decks. No. Instead, we’re going to abuse a card that, while conditional in nature, can create some incredibly broken plays in conjunction with several noticeably powerful cards already seeing play in Legacy. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove