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Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report

Cook’s Kitchen -NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report

My weekend began early Friday morning when the boss said I could get out of work early! I waited throughout the barbeque lunch that the Marketing department was having. A co-worker made me something called a “Juicy Lucy” – a cheeseburger with pepper jack cheese on the inside along with diced jalapenos. By the time it was done cooking it was about the size of a softball, it by no means was a small burger. I channeled my former fat kid from my mid-teens and devoured that monstrosity. I knew after eating it that I wouldn’t be eating the rest of the day. Shortly after lunch ended, I left work, went home, packed for a bit, and then headed off to Jupiter! Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (09/08/12): A Scrub’s Report

Adam Cai: 2012 StarCity Games Baltimore Legacy Open Report (1st Place)

By Adam Cai


The weekend of the SCG Invitational in Baltimore my buddy Jeff Sirkis and I flew into Washington DC to stay at the apartment of another friend, Nick Reynolds. My job keeps me fairly busy, so I didn’t have as much time to prepare as I would have liked. It also didn’t help that as soon as I landed in DC, Nick was trying to distract me with talk of some combo deck he was brewing that would take longer than the age of the universe to execute. I refused to let him tell me anything about it, and instead I got busy making last minute decisions about the decks I was going to play. For Standard, I decided on Michael Jacobs’ Esper Control list without much ado, as control is generally my style of choice, and, to be honest, I thought my time would be better spent polishing my Legacy deck. Continue reading Adam Cai: 2012 StarCity Games Baltimore Legacy Open Report (1st Place)

Cook’s Kitchen –An Uprising of Mavericks

Last weekend was Star City Games: Baltimore, I managed to top 8 the Standard Open with the exact list I wrote about last week. It ran incredibly well, the only round I lost was to a questionable play of adding a third counter to Ratchet Bomb. Oh well, mistakes happen to the best of us. But my performance isn’t what this article is about. It’s about how well Maverick did in the Legacy Open! Maverick took six of the top eight slots of this week’s open. A deck hasn’t done this well since Vengevine paired with Survival.

Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen –An Uprising of Mavericks

Cook’s Kitchen – Reality Check

My hot streak has ended. It was bound to happen, unfortunately, it happened this past weekend at Grand Prix: Indianapolis. Misfortunate paired with some play errors and not being fully prepared for the event caused me to not perform to my own expectations. I probably should’ve realized I was on a downward spiral during the grinder I played in, where in round three I lost games one against Dredge with four mana and the other game three mana floating after a Diminishing Returns. Frustrating. That Friday night I tested against Trevor Brown’s Maverick list (which he made day two with) and the results were 50/50 pre and post board. This was supposed to be a good match-up, well it was before the last few weeks. Maverick won the last Jupiter event, the Star City Games Open, and the monthly event in Germany. In these events Thalia, Guardian of Thraben proved to be incredibly good, enough to move two to three copies to the main decks of many Maverick lists. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Reality Check

Tales of the Squire – NELC Action and GP Trial Fun

If any of you lovely readers follow Jupiter Games at all you know that a few weekends ago (Feb 11th and 12th) was a time for Legacy.  Jupiter held two events, one being their monthly Northeast Legacy Championship (NELC) Qualifier, and the other being a Grand Prix Indy Trial.  I knew I wanted to play in both and did exactly that. I’m not going to give you a tournament report because I want to focus more on the deck I played on Sunday and just give you a brief talk about the actual tournament play. So lets’ get right into it! Continue reading Tales of the Squire – NELC Action and GP Trial Fun