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Tales of the Squire- What Magic is To Me (and More)

Mental Misstep is now officially gone and ‘there was much rejoicing’.  I personally liked Mental Misstep in Legacy, but I know it did change the format greatly and the card single handedly killed my favorite deck, Lands.  Now with Mental Misstep gone I have been talking about playing Lands again because my oh-so-important Explorations and Manabonds have a much better chance of resolving.  But with my talk about it a lot of players have been saying stuff to me about how Lands is a horrible deck and it has always sucked.  Well it honestly does not matter to me. While talking with Ken Adams he bestowed more of his wisdom upon me saying, “Lands is a fun deck, but it is only Tier 2 or Tier 1.5.”  And you know what, Legacy community? The important part to me is that first part: Lands is a fun deck.  It is fun and unfair in-game and that is what I like about it.  If I am putting 2 or more lands into play each turn, that is unfair to your putting in one land at a time.   Now I’m not telling all of you to go and spend all of your money to buy Lands because it is a very expensive deck and it is very hard to play.  I have been playing the deck since the banning of Survival and I still make play mistakes, but that’s okay because Magic to me is about fun.  A member on The Source said that Lands is like a puzzle and he has fun solving the puzzle in each game.  The North American Legacy Championship Qualifiers at Jupiter Games are a time for me to hang out with my friends and just play some Magic because I don’t get to play much at school.  One person actually asked me “So you are giving up your NELC dreams?”  But here is the thing: I am already qualified for the next 2012 Invitational because I won the 2011 Invitational and received 12 Jupiter points.  But even if I were not qualified, I would still play Lands because I enjoy the deck so much.  Just like in the Invitational, I had a fondness for Squadron Hawk and played the card in my deck and it did well killing multiple opponents.  So you shouldn’t let people get you down when it comes to Magic.  Make fun decks and find ways to have fun.  After all, Magic is a game.

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