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Cook’s Kitchen – Mono-Blue Tempo

Three weeks ago I sat down for round two of the weekly Legacy event and my opponent was Trevor Brown. Recently, I’ve been playing a new deck in our locals every week, as I’ve mentioned before. This strategy has done me very well over the last two months considering there hasn’t been an event where I didn’t make finals. During this round two Trevor had figured out a decent strategy to figure out what I was playing that week. Looking at the success rates of decks most popular on the Star City Games circuit.  He looked at his and said, “This hand just loses to burn. Are you playing burn?” I just sat there with a blank face. “YOU’RE PLAYING BURN AREN’T YOU?” I just smiled. Trevor played a turn one Dryad Arbor and passes. I lead off with a Mountain into a Lava Spike.  I ended up winning the event and a dual land. But the point of this tale is that I’ve become predictable. Almost a week later I sat down Wednesday night trying to figure out what deck to play the next night. I sent Trevor a message because he’d figured me out. His response was, “Why don’t you build something new?” Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Mono-Blue Tempo