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The Cutting Room Floor: The February NELC – Exposed

“The Cutting Room Floor: The February NELC – Exposed”

If history has taught us anything it’s that we should learn from our past. This Saturday’s NELC is shaping up to be one of the greatest NELC events of all time, and for good reason: the meta right now is in a serious shift with hungry competitors making the monthly trek from all over for a shot at the title. This dynamic convergence of talent and unpredictability creates a dangerous set of circumstances for anyone wishing to compete in this event which is only weeks removed from the previous installation. Today I’d like to look into what you can expect from this epic event on Saturday and why it will mean more than just winning games of Magic.
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Cook’s Kitchen – Esperblade & Jund (NELC: 01/19/2013)

Cook’s Kitchen – Esperblade & Jund (NELC: 01/19/2013)

This past weekend at Jupiter Games was eventful. A two day long affair with an event on each day, Legacy on Saturday and a Modern PTQ on Sunday. Both days absolutely full of Lingering Souls. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Esperblade & Jund (NELC: 01/19/2013)

Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (11/03/2012): JUND

Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (11/03/2012): JUND

I’m going to try something different with this report, since I didn’t end up doing well. There won’t be a round by round but instead, my thoughts and some interesting things that happened.

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Cook’s Kitchen – Legacy Jund

JUND! No, not the Modern deck – the Legacy version! Last week I wrote about creating a deck for a specific metagame. This week is somewhat similar, but instead of creating a deck for a small local metagame this week’s deck is focused on beating the top tier decks – two specific decks that are a large portion of the metagame. Maverick and Stoneblade are currently the decks that a player should be focused on beating if winning the tournament is in mind. The downside is neither deck has too much in common making being able to defeat both decks a difficult task. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Legacy Jund

Cook’s Kitchen –Kresh, the Bloodbraided.




A while back I wrote about my wildy popular Commander deck – Godo, Bandit Warlord. This week I’ll be discussing my other commander deck, a Jund deck that is focused on dominating the mid-to-late game with recursion, bombs, and sweepers with a general that just so happens to be Kresh, the Bloodbraided. The deck isn’t focused around it’s general at all, in fact, I’d go as far to say that the deck wins a majority of it’s games without ever even casting it’s Commander. That’s not saying Kresh is a bad card, it’s more that the deck is powerful enough once it gets going, casting the Commander isn’t the best thing to do with it’s mana. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen –Kresh, the Bloodbraided.