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The Cutting Room Floor: Baxter’s Prison

“The Cutting Room Floor: Baxter’s Prison”

While Standard (or “Type II,” as I still call it) may not be my forte, it certainly was a favorite of mine in the early days of my Magic career. I enjoyed doing incredibly broken things like drawing lots and lots of cards off of Necropotence and Strip Mining opponents’ lands into oblivion. These plays, believe it or not, were very much legal in the early days of Standard. In fact, just about every competitive deck during that time period ran some sort of configuration with cards like the aforementioned weaved into their fabric. This is why a good deal of the cards we recognize as overly powerful in Vintage has long since been banned in both Legacy and its predecessor. Clearing past all the smoke of brokenness that existed during that time, one of the more “fair” decks to rise from the ashes was piloted by one of my favorite players of all time, the legendary George Baxter. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: Baxter’s Prison