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Tales of the Squire– Limited Time

by Dan Rae


I want to start off by saying sorry for taking so long to get an article written.  I have been super busy with school work that when I get free time to write, I am pretty much beat and I do not want to just rush out some poorly written article that talks about random topics that you truly do not care about.  Let’s just hope that is not the case with this one. Continue reading Tales of the Squire– Limited Time

The Flip Side- Vengeance is Mine

“Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide”.- Barbara Deming


When we last left off last week, I very briefly touched upon a new card from Innistrad that I am convinced is the nuts. Burning Vengeance has been compared to the likes of Lightning Rift and while the two share similiar abilities, Burning Vengeance doesn’t require you to spend any mana beyond the initial investment for the spell you were going to be playing anyway! Sure, it can be said that Lightning Rift only has a converted mana cost of two, whereas Burning Vengeance has a converted mana cost of three. However, as previously mentioned, Burning Vengeance gets to sit on board and allow you to play the spells you planned on playing anyway. Remember how Snapcaster Mage is going to define constructed for years to come? Yeah, he’s even better when the spell you’re flashing back gets to shock something.

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The Flip Side- Think Twice About UR Deck

I’ve been on the grind for years it seems as I have been playing this game for more than half my life. I’ve qualified for US Nationals 4 out of the last 5 years as well as Pro Tour San Diego (which I played but scrubbed out).  I placed in the Top 16 at Grand Prix DC to qualify for Pro Tour Amsterdam (which I had to skip for work reasons), and finally I top 8’ed US Nationals in 2010. Currently, I’m just another grinder trying to rack up them Planeswalker Points to receive a coveted invite and plane ticket to Pro Tour Honolulu next year.  There is much of the season to go, but I’ve tried to come out of the gates with a decent start, and currently sit 35th in the world. Continue reading The Flip Side- Think Twice About UR Deck