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Tales of the Squire – On the Road

Wow people, it has been a while since I have last written an article and that is mainly because I have not been playing all that much Magic.  If you haven’t realized all ready, Standard is not really for me and there are no weekly Legacy events that I can attend. I have mainly been focusing on my Legacy game, but the deck I am currently playing is very solid and I wouldn’t be able to write an article on the few changes I want to make to the deck.  So instead of actually playing Magic, I have been on the road with the guys from Jupiter Games working at different Grand Prix.  So for this article I am going to just recap some of the fun I have been having on the road and some of the things that have been pretty lame.  I don’t remember every single detail but hopefully I can cover enough to make this article one that you all enjoy. There is some actual Magic talk too, not just random adventures, even though it was a super fun time. So let’s get right into this. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – On the Road