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The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March

“The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March”

Now this one brings back some memories.

It’s been a long time, five years to be exact, that I’ve actually taken the time to look at one of my favorite decks of all time, the bizarre Imperial Painter. When I first picked the deck up back in 2008 before leaving for the service, I was on a complete tear with this monstrosity. Blowing peoples’ lands up, countering Swords to Plowshares with Red Elemental Blasts and destroying Tarmogoyfs with Pyroblasts was about as fun as you could possibly get. I was obsessed with the idea that a single, cheap artifact creature could transcend so many already useful cards into instant-speed Vindicates or hard-counters at the cost of a single mana. The insanity of the deck just took the local meta by storm, and before I knew it I had basically Blasted my way past opponent after opponent, while turning their lands into Mountains in the process. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March