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Trials and Tribal-ations: Elementals

Elementals are a strange tribe.  Some elementals are more like spirits, creatures that appear with a form and will of their own, while others seem to flare up mindlessly like a forest fire.  This is partly because ‘elemental’ is something of a catch-all tribe. They range from typical hasty beaters that get in for fast damage, only to implode at the end of your turn, to unstoppable lumbering beasts that seem to transcend the natural order.  As if they weren’t strange enough, the world of elementals got a little stranger in the Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block.  Elementals appeared in every color, often taking the place of popular spells in their native colors.  Shriekmaw had the Terror ability attached, Mulldrifter came with a Deep Analysis effect, Ingot Chewer had Smash, and so on.  The makeup of these creatures makes them appear more on the spirit or demon side (see: Japanese mythology) than the embodiment of one elemental force or another.  With this block, elementals became a collection of great tools, each with a specific use.  They also came with a toolbox- Horde of Notions.  A 5/5, haste, trample toolbox.  I want to outline a traditional red fiery elemental list, and then we’ll look at just what Horde of Notions can do. Continue reading Trials and Tribal-ations: Elementals