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Adam Cai: 2012 StarCity Games Baltimore Legacy Open Report (1st Place)

By Adam Cai


The weekend of the SCG Invitational in Baltimore my buddy Jeff Sirkis and I flew into Washington DC to stay at the apartment of another friend, Nick Reynolds. My job keeps me fairly busy, so I didn’t have as much time to prepare as I would have liked. It also didn’t help that as soon as I landed in DC, Nick was trying to distract me with talk of some combo deck he was brewing that would take longer than the age of the universe to execute. I refused to let him tell me anything about it, and instead I got busy making last minute decisions about the decks I was going to play. For Standard, I decided on Michael Jacobs’ Esper Control list without much ado, as control is generally my style of choice, and, to be honest, I thought my time would be better spent polishing my Legacy deck. Continue reading Adam Cai: 2012 StarCity Games Baltimore Legacy Open Report (1st Place)

Cook’s Kitchen –An Uprising of Mavericks

Last weekend was Star City Games: Baltimore, I managed to top 8 the Standard Open with the exact list I wrote about last week. It ran incredibly well, the only round I lost was to a questionable play of adding a third counter to Ratchet Bomb. Oh well, mistakes happen to the best of us. But my performance isn’t what this article is about. It’s about how well Maverick did in the Legacy Open! Maverick took six of the top eight slots of this week’s open. A deck hasn’t done this well since Vengevine paired with Survival.

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