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The Cutting Room Floor: Nobody Rides For Free

“The Cutting Room Floor: Nobody Rides For Free”

If you would have asked me fifteen, ten or even five years ago if Wizards would print a card that basically says “Every spell you play is free,” I would have cautiously dismissed that and taken it with a grain of salt. The fact is that back when Dream Halls was printed, no one really gave the card its due; I even remember an article back in the old Inquest magazine where it was deemed one of the worst cards in the set with a “dishonorable mention,” or something to that effect. People started to realize slowly that playing cards for free is actually a really good thing, even if it means discarding a card to make it happen. It’s no wonder Dream Halls wound up getting banned even in a format where the spells weren’t ridiculously overpowered. Still, the weapons available during that time period had a difficult time contending with the card, and to this day it still doesn’t get the credit it deserves.
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