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Trials and Tribal-ations- Elves

There are a lot of creature types in Magic.  There’s Squirrels, Horrors, there are two creatures with the “Eye” creature type, and there’s my favorite- Beebles.  Now there’s a sixth Salamander.  One of my favorite creatures hits 3 great types: Coiling Oracle is a Snake Elf Druid.  Chances are that at some point in your odyssey as a planeswalker you’ve wanted to build a tribal deck.  There’s something about Magic that makes you want to align yourself with a race, and fight by their side.  Before I played Magic, when I played the VS. System, I saw an image of Greg Staples’s Serra Angel and decided if I ever started playing Magic, I would fight with an Angel deck. Continue reading Trials and Tribal-ations- Elves