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Tales of the Squire- Who doesn’t Love to Cube?

by Dan Rae

Since the Legacy format has changed I have not really had any breakthroughs on decks, and I’m not going to try to tell you what is winning at other events because I’m sure everyone is checking coverage and such.  My friends are very generously lending me the  cards for my BUG list from the last article, so I plan on playing that at the NELC Qualifier at Jupiter on October 15th.  You should come and play.  Before deciding on the BUG list, I tested out my list running Mindshrieker against the legend Ken Adams. I mean seriously, this guy is on SCG sleeves! Who else has that going for them? Mindshrieker proved to be a pretty decent creature, but I never got to flip Draco or cast Erratic Explosion to hit Draco.  To defend my deck, Ken’s list was a combo list like he always plays and we did not play any sideboard games, but I don’t know that I’m confident enough yet with the deck to play it in an actual event.  Oh well, I guess Draco will stay in the binder for now. Continue reading Tales of the Squire- Who doesn’t Love to Cube?