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Cook’s Kitchen – An Update: Kresh, the Bloodbraided

Cook’s Kitchen – An Update: Kresh, the Bloodbraided

A while back I wrote this article about my Commander General – Kresh, the Bloodbraided . This is the update! Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – An Update: Kresh, the Bloodbraided

Cook’s Kitchen –Kresh, the Bloodbraided.




A while back I wrote about my wildy popular Commander deck – Godo, Bandit Warlord. This week I’ll be discussing my other commander deck, a Jund deck that is focused on dominating the mid-to-late game with recursion, bombs, and sweepers with a general that just so happens to be Kresh, the Bloodbraided. The deck isn’t focused around it’s general at all, in fact, I’d go as far to say that the deck wins a majority of it’s games without ever even casting it’s Commander. That’s not saying Kresh is a bad card, it’s more that the deck is powerful enough once it gets going, casting the Commander isn’t the best thing to do with it’s mana. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen –Kresh, the Bloodbraided.

Trials and Tribal-ations: Mono-White Soldiers

Soldiers are probably white’s strongest tribe.  For raw power Angels and Knights dominate, and Clerics often show the most utility, but Soldiers, Soldiers are consistent.  They’re the first ones on the battlefield, and the last to leave.  When you need to defend the castle, you don’t call on Goblins or Zombies or even Angels.  You call on the Soldiers.  Soldiers are a subtype that have been sprinkled throughout Magic sets, with a number of lords, and across a number of different creature creature types.  There are Human Soldiers, Merfolk Soldiers, Kithkin Soldiers, Bird Soldiers, Elf Soldiers and so on.  A few of these types of Soldiers (for example Kithkin, Birds and Merfolk) may get minor bonuses from other cards for their main creature types.  The white tribes for Lorwyn block were Kithkin and Elves with a tiny bit for Soldiers, M10 had a few decent Soldier effects, but with Innistrad’s Human component (namely Champion of the Parish), building Human Soldiers seems like the place to be.  Innistrad has a few other ok soldiers (Elite Inquitor, Slayer of the Wicked), but Champion of the Parish is definitely the man.  This guy is sweet.  He comes down on turn 1 as a 1/1, like nothing is happening, and then just ticks up from there.   It doesn’t take this guy long to become a huge threat.  Champion of the Parish, Mentor of the Meek, and Ranger of Eos all have great card advantage synergy. Continue reading Trials and Tribal-ations: Mono-White Soldiers

The Flip Side – One Grind to the Next

I could bore you with the details of my life story and why I haven’t written lately, but that isn’t why you’re here. So, I’ll keep it short. Apart from having some technical difficulties with being able to write and submit; I can’t be completely dishonest by saying I wasn’t a bit relieved as I haven’t exactly been in the right mindset when it has come to playing magic  the past couple months.

I spoke briefly in regard to the amount of grinding that I had been doing in hopes of claiming a Planeswalker Points Top Hundred slot in the few articles that I have written for Jupiter Games. However, when you add on a relative slump in finishes the past couple months, the grind turned into something else altogether. It got to the point where I was questioning why I still kept on playing this game. When it comes to that, usually I take a break from the game, but because of the Planeswalker Points system that WAS in place, it took another alternative altogether to remind me why I continue to play the game that we have all come to love. Continue reading The Flip Side – One Grind to the Next

Tales of the Squire – Check Out My Gorgon

I realize Dark Ascension comes out next week, but none of the other DKA cards strike me as worthy to write about in an article.  Now that I actually have my own Commander deck, I want to go back a couple weeks and talk about Commander. Last time I just talked about playing against the Horde Deck and I used Ryan McKinney’s Olivia Valdaren deck to fight off zombies. Well now I have my own deck so I actually want to share it. I have only been playing this list for about two weeks so every card may not be the top Commander card it should be.  Continue reading Tales of the Squire – Check Out My Gorgon

Tales of the Squire: Zombie Apocalypse


It is Commander week here at Jupiter Games Online and seeing as I am the only writer who doesn’t have a Commander deck (yet) , I cannot really talk about it and tell you how awesome it is and how to hurt your opponents. With that in mind, my brilliant editor came up with an idea for me. Recently some players have developed a new game mode for Commander which is known as Horde and uses plenty of fun zombie cards and zombie tokens. Here is the list that you build for the horde and then I’ll talk about how the format works and cover a couple of games which we played.

Continue reading Tales of the Squire: Zombie Apocalypse

Journeys of the Waterhead Dragon Commander Feature: Merieke Ri Berit

by Ryan McKinney


It has been a long time since the great Waterhead Dragon has flapped his lucky wings to Jupiter Games as part of his tales. However our EDH/Commander week was too tempting to stay away from. Recently I’ve been busy with other adventures in Legacy and Standard preparing for large tournaments. I feel that EDH has always provided me a way to unwind and remember just how fun magic can be no matter how tired I am of Magic at the time. I currently only own two decks Merieke Ri Berit and Olivia Voldaren; both decks are certainly fun, but my “Butters’s Bottom Bitch” award definitely goes to Merieke. The deck has proven itself to be very powerful and is fully capable of emerging victorious even if multiple players gang up on the deck. Continue reading Journeys of the Waterhead Dragon Commander Feature: Merieke Ri Berit