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Cook’s Kitchen – Fire Water & Other Tales

I’ve been reminiscing all morning, I can’t help it. I’m currently at work with not much to do this morning and I can’t stop thinking about all the great times I’ve had on road trips to events. Some at Grand Prix and others more local such a Jupiter Games, but that’s not really the point. All of this thinking started happening last night. I got a text message that read, “So Providence is this weekend, so are we planning a trip? Because I know you said something about it.” This isn’t actually what caused the thoughts, I sent out a message to the people I’ve been on travels with as of late and no one seemed to have any interest in travelling to Rhode Island for a Star City Games event. Then later on I received a phone call rejection, in which we started talking about the trip but ultimately decided against it. During this conversation I brought up how gorgeous the city of Providence was when I visited for the Grand Prix last summer. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Fire Water & Other Tales