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The Cutting Room Floor: The February NELC – Exposed

“The Cutting Room Floor: The February NELC – Exposed”

If history has taught us anything it’s that we should learn from our past. This Saturday’s NELC is shaping up to be one of the greatest NELC events of all time, and for good reason: the meta right now is in a serious shift with hungry competitors making the monthly trek from all over for a shot at the title. This dynamic convergence of talent and unpredictability creates a dangerous set of circumstances for anyone wishing to compete in this event which is only weeks removed from the previous installation. Today I’d like to look into what you can expect from this epic event on Saturday and why it will mean more than just winning games of Magic.
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Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (10/20/2012): 4th Place

Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (10/20/2012): 4th Place

On the way back from Providence the weekend before the NELC, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to play the next weekend at the NELC. I ran down the gauntlet of decks that I could possibly build, what I felt comfortable with, and what was good in the metagame. My experience with Maverick the month prior wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. I decided in the current format it’s probably better to have some interaction with all of the Show and Tell combos running rampant. This meant running some sort of black and or blue. I decided to do both. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – NELC (10/20/2012): 4th Place

Tales of the Squire – The New Legacy Deck

Legacy is the kind of format that shifts in the meta from time to time but the decks primarily stay the same. Sure, a certain deck will get a new card like Dredge getting Faithless Looting and such. But overall the decks remain relatively the same or at least have the same idea behind them.  I have always been the type of player to love casting creatures and just attacking, but I needed to have interactions as well. I could never play Goblins because I would not enjoy it. I like decks like Maverick because you play awesome creatures but still have a lot of tricks. Well very recently I was browsing The Source and came upon a deck in the pimp thread. The guy posting, Chimera87, had a list that I immediately fell in love with. I messaged Chimera87 to ask some questions and with the answers in hand and some more discussion my deck was built. Continue reading Tales of the Squire – The New Legacy Deck

Tales of the Squire – Check Out My Gorgon

I realize Dark Ascension comes out next week, but none of the other DKA cards strike me as worthy to write about in an article.  Now that I actually have my own Commander deck, I want to go back a couple weeks and talk about Commander. Last time I just talked about playing against the Horde Deck and I used Ryan McKinney’s Olivia Valdaren deck to fight off zombies. Well now I have my own deck so I actually want to share it. I have only been playing this list for about two weeks so every card may not be the top Commander card it should be.  Continue reading Tales of the Squire – Check Out My Gorgon

Cook’s Kitchen- Changing Tempo

by Bryant Cook

In recent weeks decks such as RUG and BUG/Team America have been very successful, but why? They play efficient cards with crucial effects on the early turns of the game. These decks create what we call “tempo”.

tem·po [tem-poh]

noun, plural -pos, -pi  [-pee]


Music. relative rapidity or rate of movement, usually indicated by such terms as adagio, allegro, etc., or by reference to the metronome.


characteristic rate, rhythm, or pattern of work or activity: the tempo of city life.


Chess. the gaining or losing of time and effectiveness relative to one’s continued mobility or developing position, especially with respect to the number of moves required to gain an objective: Black gained a tempo.

Out of these three definitions, the third one is definitely the best option related to Magic. Chess and Magic: The Gathering are both games after all. Tempo is important because it sets the tone for the entire game until something else causes a halt or change in tempo. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen- Changing Tempo

Tales of the Squire– October 15th NELCQ Tournament Report

by Dan Rae


Knock knock knock. A friend sees me sitting in my car in the WalMart parking lot and we start talking. He ends the conversation by asking if I want to go out tonight and see some old friends. I figured, “hey some non-magical fun can be nice so I can get my mind off my sideboard choices because I know I have picked All the best cards for the Jupiter metagame”.  I have a blast, and get home a lot later than I plan. I surely don’t regret going out though, sometimes as players we just need to get a break from the game and clear our minds.  I wake up too late and I’m scrambling to get dressed and out of the door to make it to Jupiter on time and get all the cards I need to finish out my deck, and I’m hoping Ryan McKinney can set me up with some nice Japanese cards.  The store is busy, and I figure I can find foreign stuff after the event.  I sort out of my deck real quick and start writing down my list and make sure I’m not missing any cards.  Don’t need any game loses for a stupid mistake. Continue reading Tales of the Squire– October 15th NELCQ Tournament Report