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The Captain’s Log: Play What You Know!

The Captain’s Log: Play What You Know!

As is tradition for me before any big road trip I am currently testing and trying to decide on the best list to sling at the SCG Invitational in Indianapolis. There are various different lists I have been thinking about in the past month or so. With a format as wide open as Standard is right now I don’t think there really is a bad choice. What is important for any tournament that you really want to do well in is playing what you know.

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Fun For People Who Hate Fun

Everyone has their own version of fun.  I wrote about the disparities in people’s version of fair/fun over the Summer when the Commander precon decks were released.  You can read it here if you like.  Even my Commander deck has changed to be more competitive since then.  I’m sad to say I’ve comprimised, and had to cut some of my favorite cards, Omnibian and Lorescale Coatl.  Omnibian admittedly does literally nothing to help win a Commander game (despite being freaking awesome) and Lorescale Coatl does not affect the board state until he’s been out for at least 3 turns, which never happens.  My EDH playgroups vary slightly between competitive and casually competitive, so I’ve had to adjust slightly to play ball.  My deck auto-loses to the extremely competitive decks, and that’s something I accept.  I just don’t play against those decks, and my reward is the ability to play the cards and deck type I want to play. Continue reading Fun For People Who Hate Fun