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Trials and Tribal-ations- Merfolk

My first article on tribal decks covered Elves, so (with apologies to purists) it should be apparent that I’m not following the color wheel.  I do plan to hit each color at least once, though.  This time we’re hitting blue, with the extremely popular choice- Merfolk.  Like Elves, Merfolk is such a deep tribe in Magic’s history that an extremely competitive tribal Merfolk deck is ever-present at top tables of high level Legacy events.  I’ll list that deck, and the Elves deck (referred to as Combo-Elves) at the end of this article. Continue reading Trials and Tribal-ations- Merfolk

Trials and Tribal-ations- Elves

There are a lot of creature types in Magic.  There’s Squirrels, Horrors, there are two creatures with the “Eye” creature type, and there’s my favorite- Beebles.  Now there’s a sixth Salamander.  One of my favorite creatures hits 3 great types: Coiling Oracle is a Snake Elf Druid.  Chances are that at some point in your odyssey as a planeswalker you’ve wanted to build a tribal deck.  There’s something about Magic that makes you want to align yourself with a race, and fight by their side.  Before I played Magic, when I played the VS. System, I saw an image of Greg Staples’s Serra Angel and decided if I ever started playing Magic, I would fight with an Angel deck. Continue reading Trials and Tribal-ations- Elves

Fairly Degenerate

By Adam Willson
I’m not always a sore loser.  Sometimes I get to be a bitter winner.  Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I’ve had my share of seething frustrations with competitive gaming.  Most of the players in my playgroup at Jupiter Games play competitive Standard, Legacy, Limited, or all three.  There’s plenty of testing, brewing, metagaming, sideboard discussions, and Batterskull-induced rage quits.  There are only 2 days each week here that don’t have scheduled Magic events (and that’s not including the North East Legacy Championship Series).

Continue reading Fairly Degenerate

Why Play in a PreRelease?

By Adam Willson

I hear this all the time from casual (just-for-fun) players: “I don’t care about tournaments; I just enjoy playing Magic with friends.”  Hanging out with friends and playing Magic is great, no doubt.  It’s one of my favorite ways to play.  However, there are a few benefits to playing with a larger group, if only once every three months.  A Magic “Prerelease” celebration tournament is a great way to compete for prizes and learn more about Magic without the competitive atmosphere of other tournaments. Continue reading Why Play in a PreRelease?