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The Captain’s Log: Gatecrash Prerelease Weekend

The Captain’s Log – Gatecrash Prerelease Weekend

This past weekend, as I am sure many of you did, I spent an enormous amount of time at my various local shops prereleasing. This a time that comes four times a year and it is when all the anticipation of all the spoilers and eventually the full list of the set getting revealed all come to a head and we all are finally able to get to play with the new cards. For me analyzing new cards is a very important part of the game. Maybe it is just the way I learn best or that we get to see how all the new cards truly interact with each other to determine the actual power level. Whatever the case, being able to sit down with the actual cards is much more exciting than reading about them on a spoiler list.
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Cook’s Kitchen – Modern Masters & Legacy

Cook’s Kitchen – Modern Masters & Legacy


For those of you living under a rock, Wizards of the Coast announced “Modern Masters”. You can read more about it here.


Modern Masters will be a set much like Chronicles in the past. In this case it will release cards specifically reprinted to draw more attention to the Modern format. The idea behind the set is to make Modern staples and inadvertently Legacy staples more readily accessible to the common Magic player. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Modern Masters & Legacy

Tales of the Squire- Dark Ascension Launch

Ever since I have been writing this article people have all came up to me and asked what I was going to write about in the upcoming weeks and my answer to them is always a shrug and an “I don’t know.”  With this I have had plenty of suggestions of things I can write about but some of them are just not that great, while others are just plain weird. One of my friends suggested I write about Pants. That was his suggestion; nothing else was added to the suggestions, simply “Pants”. Needless to say, I have not written about pants, until now! Just kidding, I don’t even know how I could write a legitimate article about pants, so I just won’t.  Luckily this a few weekends ago at Dark Ascension release time I was given something to write about.  My friend Ed was kind enough to sponsor me in the sealed event at the lovely Jupiter Games and let’s just say that my sealed pool was pretty damn crazy.  To be perfectly honest my deck could have had a bit better of a curve, but still it did exactly what I needed it to do.  Continue reading Tales of the Squire- Dark Ascension Launch

Innistrad Draft Strategies With Sean Browne


Hello Dear Reader, and welcome to my first article! My name is Sean and I friggin’ love Magic. Jupiter Games has afforded me the opportunity to write up some articles about the finer points of Limited for you fine folks on a trial basis. (Like me! Like me, or I’ll die!) *Ahem* In this article I’ll be discussing strategies, draft archetypes, talk turkey about specific picks, and overall game play pointers. Let’s start with a quick rip through my MTG bio. Continue reading Innistrad Draft Strategies With Sean Browne

Tales of the Squire– Limited Time

by Dan Rae


I want to start off by saying sorry for taking so long to get an article written.  I have been super busy with school work that when I get free time to write, I am pretty much beat and I do not want to just rush out some poorly written article that talks about random topics that you truly do not care about.  Let’s just hope that is not the case with this one. Continue reading Tales of the Squire– Limited Time

Drafting with the Double Dragons: Innistrad Draft #1

Welcome everyone to the first instalment of Drafting with the Double Dragons, with your hosts myself, Ryan McKinney (Waterhead dragon) and Ken Adams (Hammerhead Dragon). This week we bring to you an 8-4 draft of Innistrad on MTGO. We start out with a strong white card in Angelic Overseer and from there move into a black white deck. I won’t spoil what our deck consists of as you’ll have to watch the videos to find out. Join us on our flight through this draft as we pilot the deck to a 3-0 finish. We would also like to apologize for not recording game 3 of round 1 correctly, but our opponent mulled to 5 and died with one land in play. This made for a far from exciting game 3 so as viewers you didn’t miss much. Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback in the comments we greatly appreciate it. Enjoy the videos and hopefully see you all next week, until then make sure to always show them your dragon!

– Ryan McKinney

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