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The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove

“The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove”

Blue certainly gets its share of grief from players who despise the color because of its power in Legacy. While Force of Will and Brainstorm are certainly two of the pillars that define the format, let’s not forget there are plenty of other cards, even obscure ones, that when carefully crafted can create a truly frightening concoction. I always like to go big or go home, and that’s exactly what I’m doing today…with blue cards! But we’re not going any conventional route in the sense of traditional blue decks. No. Instead, we’re going to abuse a card that, while conditional in nature, can create some incredibly broken plays in conjunction with several noticeably powerful cards already seeing play in Legacy. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: The ‘Power’ Glove

Cook’s Kitchen – Storming into Washington (03/17/2013): First Place

Cook’s Kitchen – Storming into Washington (03/17/2013): First Place

I had been practicing counting to twenty for weeks leading up to Star City Games: Washington, DC. I felt that I had lost some of my skills, I ran the deck in the weekly local events for three weeks where I normally opt to play something else and then piloted it to a first place finish at another area tournament. I was feeling pretty good again and was anxious to see how I could perform in a slightly larger pond down where the President lives. I sleeved up the beautiful storm deck in new perfects and Ultra Pros for the big day.

I was ready. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – Storming into Washington (03/17/2013): First Place

Cook’s Kitchen – One Round (NELC: 03/02/2013)

Cook’s Kitchen – One Round (NELC: 03/02/2013)

It was March 2nd, my twenty-fourth birthday.

I crawled out of bed, my body slightly aching from the previous night’s festivities. I thought to myself, “Man, I’m getting old” before heading to the bathroom to prepare for the day. I accomplished my morning rituals and then waited for Adam Van Fleet to arrive at my house. Once Adam was there, I went to pick up the other member of “Team Birthday Weekend”, Nick Patnode. After he was in the car, we found 81S and began our trip to Vestal, NY from Syracuse. Continue reading Cook’s Kitchen – One Round (NELC: 03/02/2013)

The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March

“The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March”

Now this one brings back some memories.

It’s been a long time, five years to be exact, that I’ve actually taken the time to look at one of my favorite decks of all time, the bizarre Imperial Painter. When I first picked the deck up back in 2008 before leaving for the service, I was on a complete tear with this monstrosity. Blowing peoples’ lands up, countering Swords to Plowshares with Red Elemental Blasts and destroying Tarmogoyfs with Pyroblasts was about as fun as you could possibly get. I was obsessed with the idea that a single, cheap artifact creature could transcend so many already useful cards into instant-speed Vindicates or hard-counters at the cost of a single mana. The insanity of the deck just took the local meta by storm, and before I knew it I had basically Blasted my way past opponent after opponent, while turning their lands into Mountains in the process. Continue reading The Cutting Room Floor: Imperial March