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The Flip Side – One Grind to the Next

I could bore you with the details of my life story and why I haven’t written lately, but that isn’t why you’re here. So, I’ll keep it short. Apart from having some technical difficulties with being able to write and submit; I can’t be completely dishonest by saying I wasn’t a bit relieved as I haven’t exactly been in the right mindset when it has come to playing magic  the past couple months.

I spoke briefly in regard to the amount of grinding that I had been doing in hopes of claiming a Planeswalker Points Top Hundred slot in the few articles that I have written for Jupiter Games. However, when you add on a relative slump in finishes the past couple months, the grind turned into something else altogether. It got to the point where I was questioning why I still kept on playing this game. When it comes to that, usually I take a break from the game, but because of the Planeswalker Points system that WAS in place, it took another alternative altogether to remind me why I continue to play the game that we have all come to love. Continue reading The Flip Side – One Grind to the Next

The Flip Side – Back to the Grind

by Tim “Flip” Sussino


So life’s been a bit hectic lately. Unlike other grinders, I have work an average of 45 hour a week, on top of trying to play Magic to stay ahead in the Planeswalker Points race, somehow finding time for day-to-day life. When people talk about “grinding”, I’m sure most stick to talking about the great stories. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great stories to be sure, but it is a pretty taxing lifestyle that I’m sure many aren’t entirely prepared for. However, I digress from what I am truly here for.

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The Flip Side- Getting Lost in the Shuffle

by Tim “Flip” Sussino

Perhaps you’re new to the game and you’ve only been playing for the better part of a year. Maybe you’ve been playing for many moons now. From casual to competitive, we’ve all experienced a point in our lives where when push came to shove, Magic was an integral part of our lives.  For better or worse, this game has changed  us (some becoming more degenerate than others). Fortunately (or unfortunately depending upon how you look at it), it is an easy  crutch to lean on in the best of times or even in the worst of times.

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The Flip Side- A Brief Delve Into Thresh

by Tim “Flip” Sussino


Legacy has always been a format that has been near and dear to me. I remember playing U/R Landstill (surprise surprise) at Grand Prix Philadelphia years ago starting off 6-0-2 Day One, only to fall flat on my face Day Two. It was an amazing format, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside as there was no real support for it at the time. I remember Lam Phan and Pat McGregor piloting Threshold to a Top 8 berth, and how fascinating that archetype was. Fast forward years later and we are in an era of a constantly evolving metagame due to the support of the SCG Circuit (and of course Jupiter Game’s own NELC). Unfortunately, that archetype hasn’t been well positioned lately, as I unfortunately discovered at Grand Prix Columbus last year when I tried to revisit it. Counterbalance was huge during that time, and was Thresh’s natural predator, as its high ratio of low CMC cards made it fall into collateral damage territory. Fast forward a year later. Mental Misstep’s dominance over Legacy has finally come to an end, allowing combo to begin to rise again. Threshold has always had a great match-up against control and combo variants (Counterbalance aside). Continue reading The Flip Side- A Brief Delve Into Thresh

The Flip Side- Vengeance is Mine

“Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide”.- Barbara Deming


When we last left off last week, I very briefly touched upon a new card from Innistrad that I am convinced is the nuts. Burning Vengeance has been compared to the likes of Lightning Rift and while the two share similiar abilities, Burning Vengeance doesn’t require you to spend any mana beyond the initial investment for the spell you were going to be playing anyway! Sure, it can be said that Lightning Rift only has a converted mana cost of two, whereas Burning Vengeance has a converted mana cost of three. However, as previously mentioned, Burning Vengeance gets to sit on board and allow you to play the spells you planned on playing anyway. Remember how Snapcaster Mage is going to define constructed for years to come? Yeah, he’s even better when the spell you’re flashing back gets to shock something.

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The Flip Side- Think Twice About UR Deck

I’ve been on the grind for years it seems as I have been playing this game for more than half my life. I’ve qualified for US Nationals 4 out of the last 5 years as well as Pro Tour San Diego (which I played but scrubbed out).  I placed in the Top 16 at Grand Prix DC to qualify for Pro Tour Amsterdam (which I had to skip for work reasons), and finally I top 8’ed US Nationals in 2010. Currently, I’m just another grinder trying to rack up them Planeswalker Points to receive a coveted invite and plane ticket to Pro Tour Honolulu next year.  There is much of the season to go, but I’ve tried to come out of the gates with a decent start, and currently sit 35th in the world. Continue reading The Flip Side- Think Twice About UR Deck