Decklists: February NELC

Decklists: February NELC

Final Standings, in order:
Henry Decker, Janene Andersen, Paolo Cesari, Louis Fata, David Chau, Eric English, Bert Barnes, James Wohlmacher.








7 thoughts on “Decklists: February NELC”

  1. I really like Paolo Cesari’s UWR tempo deck. I hope he writes an article about it. I think Boros Charm would be awesome in such a deck.

    I wonder:
    – how good Geist was. It costs 3, which is not ideal in a tempo deck, but it seems powerful (especially with the Stifle synergy)
    – if Stoneforge Mystic could make the cut
    – if Rest in Peace would be a good sideboard card (in which case we might want to play less Lavamancer…)

    I also want to play Nivmagus + Flusterstorm, but that might be too greedy 🙂

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