The Captain’s Log – Why I Love Magic

The Captain’s Log – Why I Love Magic

Today I am going to take a break from writing about Magic from a strategic standpoint to talk about some of the many reasons why I love this game.

Magic at its root for the majority of us including me is a hobby. As a hobby I believe it is one of the greatest ones around. If you are playing this game right it gives you so many positive attributes for a hobby. Magic can give you a reason to get out of the house and see friends in a social setting on a weekly basis, allows you to compete with those friends on an intellectual basis, gives you a reason to get out of the area and go on road trips, and among other things gives you an opportunity to make a little money here and there.


I think it is important for every Magic player to develop a solid group of friends within your specific area. This group can be determined by geographic location, age, play skill, and many other commonalities, but the important thing is to have a group of people you trust and you can have fun with. This group will benefit you in so many ways ranging from play testing and getting better as players to going out to dinner and conversing about your lives as individuals. I have been lucky to have a very solid group that I grew with as a young Magic player, and still have as a young man. Some of the greatest stories I have with my Magic friends have absolutely nothing to do with a sick play, a tournament won, or a Magic card even in sight. The importance here is remembering that this is a hobby and being able to take more away from Magic than just wins and losses.


What is most important to me and the most influential thing in my Magic development has been the many road trips that have been possible only because of Magic. Without Magic I most likely would not have gone to Philly on numerous occasions to eat amazing sandwiches and check out the various awesome clubs they have to offer. Without Magic I would not be going to Indianapolis to see the… uh… corn fields. Without Magic I would most likely never have made it to Quebec to have some awesome French Fries and Gravy, eh. Without Magic I most assuredly would not be going to Las Vegas to cause havoc with old and new friends alike. The reason why these road trips have been so important to me is because I have been able to meet so many very cool, interesting, and unique people and I have gotten to know them so much better over the years. Without Magic it would not have been possible and without the financial side of Magic it would not be possible as well.


I think that it is simply amazing that I can go to a Magic tournament and regardless of if I scrub out of the main event the trip still is not a complete failure. I can still go to vendors and sell cards to pay for the trip, play in side events and scrape up some boxes here and there. Or I can scrap Magic entirely and check out whatever that current city has to offer. There is something to be said for being able to take a weekend trip with your friends and come home with more money than you went with all the while having the best time of your life. Can you think of another hobby that can let you do that with your friends? I know I have a hard time figuring it out. Some people sink money into other hobbies that are just simply not as lucrative (which is fine). Look at video games for example. You pay 60 bucks for that new awesome game that you have been waiting to come out and you spend so much time in front of that TV jamming away at whatever the task is, but what do you get for all that time invested besides entertainment? Or say you go to a bar every Friday night and blow 80 bucks on drinks and cab fare what’s your return on that besides again the obvious entertainment? With Magic there is more to it than just the entertainment, there is the potential to get a return on your investment of time and energy. To me this is another huge reason why I have continued playing for so long. Having something to show for my time and energy gives me the feeling that I have accomplished something. I have something that I care about, all the while doing this with my friends.


While big road trips are great and making some cash on cards here and there is awesome, what often gets me through the week, and something I look forward to, is FNM. Don’t get me wrong I love my job and am very content with my life right now, but knowing that Friday is coming and I will get to see my friends and I will be able to joke, converse, tease, and bond with them all in a scenario where I am able to satisfy the competitive side is awesome.


These are all things that most of you may or may not have thought about before, but I think it is important to routinely assess and reassess what you are doing with your life and in Magic. This gives you the ability to appreciate what you do have in your life and the opportunity to understand what you do not have and then begin to change it. This process often happens to me before a big trip. I begin to appreciate the hobby I have. It gives me the drive to test just a little bit more, to tweak that sideboard to the best possible 15, and to make those little efforts that often times separate a win from a loss.


Image of ArenaAll of these reasons and many more are why I love playing Magic. It is more than a game to me. It is a social outlet, it is a competitive arena where I can establish bragging rights among friends, it is a place where I can meet new people, a place where I can make some spare change, and most importantly it is a place to be with my friends.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s article and if you don’t have a group then go out and get one because ultimately we are here to make friends and enjoy ourselves.


Thanks for reading.

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