Archived Video: 11/3/12 NELC at Jupiter Games

Archived Video from the November 2012 NELC Legacy Duel for the Duals

The Jupiter Games NELC Tournament Series

Swiss (Six Rounds)

Swiss Part 1

Swiss Part 2

Today’s Feature Matches:

  • Round 1: Eli Kassis (Junk) vs. Paolo Cesari (RUG Delver) Paolo 2-1 over Eli
  • Round 2: Chris Scagnelli (Bant) vs. Greg Komar (Junk) Greg 2-0 over Chris
  • Round 3: Louis Dolomon (Nic Fit Red) vs. Graham Higgins (Shardless BUG) Louis 2-1 over Graham
  • Round 4: Doug McKay (Hurricane Sandy) vs. Nick Patnode (Goblins) Nick 2-1 over Doug
  • Round 5: Joey Manner (Helm Combo) vs. Si-Ning Li (TES) Ning 2-1 over Joey
  • Round 6: Doug McKay (Hurricane Sandy) vs. Si-Ning Li (TES) RESULT

Top 8

Today’s Feature Matches:

  • Quarterfinals Feature Match: Louis Solomon (Nic Fit Red) vs. Nick Patnode (Goblins) Solomon over Patnode
  • Semifinals: Greg Komar (Junk) vs. Jeremy Tibbetts (UW Blade) Komar over Tibbetts
  • Finals: Greg Komar (Junk) vs. Eli Kassis (Junk) SPLIT, Greg gets the win

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