A New Type 2- Pat Chapin’s Grixis Control at MTG World Championships

by Adam Willson via Daily MTG


If you don’t already know, Thursday saw the start of the Magic: The Gathering World Championships in San Francisco.  Day 1 opened with 6 rounds of Standard, and the excitement started early.  Two of the main stories from Thursday were Conley Wood’s undefeated run through the bracket (as I write this he’s 12-1, after scooping to fellow Channel Fireball-er Paulo Vitor Dama De Rosa), and Pat “The Innovator” Chapin’s Grixis Control deck.

Arguably the the Grixis deck’s most exciting feature is the three-of Olivia Voldaren, a card that few people have considered beyond Limited and Commander play.  Olivia represents a number of “must-answer” threats.  She’s a 3/3 flier, for one, and with her two-mana ability she can get big fast, while eating opposing creature threats.  Her five-mana ability is the elephant in the room, quietly threatening to steal any creature bomb an opponent decides to play.  Chapin advocates “playing her for six mana”, meaning casting her with six mana available to immediately use her first ability, possibly eliminating a creature and making Olivia a 4/4.  He compares her to both Baneslayer Angel and Inferno Titan, pretty high praise for a card which thus far had yet to be sleeved up for a constructed tournament. The deck runs some stock control cards, SlagstormMana Leak, and friend of spells Snapcaster Mage, and a face we haven’t seen since the old Type 2 RUG deck popularized by Alex Bertoncini,Precurser Golem.


While the deck was developed and tested by pro players, it contains pretty much all the fun cards you could hope for in Standard.  Wurmcoil Engine, a cool Titan, the Legendary Vampire matron Olivia, Devil’s Play, and the list goes on.  In the six rounds of Standard Chapin went 5-1, losing in the last round to Craig Wescoe, but defeating the gauntlet of “decks to beat”, Mono-Red, Blue Black Control, Green White Tokens, Solar Flare, etc.   Here’s his full list:

(Scroll down for Pat Chapin’s Video Deck Tech courtesy of

Grixix Control by Pat Chapin


3 Olivia Voldaren

3 Snapcaster Mage

2 Precurser Golem

1 Wurmcoil Engine

1 Inferno Titan


3 Mana Leak

2 Galvanic Blast

3 Slagstorm

4 Forbidden Alchemy

1 Devil’s Play

2 Doom Blade

1 Go for the Throat

4 Desperate Ravings


3 Liliana of the Veil


Ratchet Bomb

Basic Land:

5 Mountain

3 Swamp

1 Island

Non-Basic Land:

4 Blackcleave Cliffs

4 Darkslick Shores

1 Copperline Gorge

1 Dragonskull Summit

2 Drowned Catacomb

1 Shimmering Grotto

4 Sulfur Falls


1 Mimic Vat

2 Surgical Extraction

2 Curse of Death’s Hold

2 Ancient Grudge

1 Wurmcoil Engine

1 Flashfreeze

1 Mana Leak

1 Dissipate

1 Negate

1 Galvanic Blast

1 Geistflame

1 Slagstorm

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