Drafting with the Double Dragons: Innistrad Draft #1

Welcome everyone to the first instalment of Drafting with the Double Dragons, with your hosts myself, Ryan McKinney (Waterhead dragon) and Ken Adams (Hammerhead Dragon). This week we bring to you an 8-4 draft of Innistrad on MTGO. We start out with a strong white card in Angelic Overseer and from there move into a black white deck. I won’t spoil what our deck consists of as you’ll have to watch the videos to find out. Join us on our flight through this draft as we pilot the deck to a 3-0 finish. We would also like to apologize for not recording game 3 of round 1 correctly, but our opponent mulled to 5 and died with one land in play. This made for a far from exciting game 3 so as viewers you didn’t miss much. Feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback in the comments we greatly appreciate it. Enjoy the videos and hopefully see you all next week, until then make sure to always show them your dragon!

– Ryan McKinney

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